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While it is typical to link a profession as a makeup artist with celebrities, this is not necessarily the case. A makeup artist has the freedom to do any type of job he or she likes or to work as a freelancer. As a freelancer, the makeup artist is free to take advantage of possibilities as they arise. They can do freelance work, like bridal makeup, or work for high-end salons or wellness centres. They have the ability to promote themselves using their own strategies.

A job as a makeup artist might also include employment in the special effects section of a film, television series, or theatre, as well as work in the fashion sector. This encompasses the full procedure, from basic cosmetics to body painting, and so on. For the same movie, TV show, or fashion event, different departments of the makeup department may exist, such as one for wigs and prosthetics and another for basic makeup such as contouring, highlighting, skin smoothing, and so on. Depending on their skills and experience, they may have the option to work with a certain celebrity or model.

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