Post Graduate Diploma In Cosmetology, Hair, Beauty, And Makeup

This course is designed for students willing to make their career in Makeup

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Course Covered

  • Beauty -Level 1 – 4
  • Hair-Level 1 – 4
  • Makeup Level 1- 3
  • Nail Level 1- 3
  • Soft Skills
  • Salon Management


Prepare & Maintain Work Area: Prepare the equipment, products and work area ahead of service delivery to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of conducting treatments considering the operational standards of the salon.

Skin Science & Skincare Services:

 – Describe the structure of skin and functions of the skin.
– Identify the different skin types correctly.
– The functions of the facial, neck and shoulder muscles in sufficient detail.
– Explain the effects of natural ageing process on the skin and muscle tone.
– Identify the allergies, contraindications and contra-actions of the skin accurately.
– Improve facial skin condition using exfoliation, skin warming, come done extraction, facial massage, mask treatments and moisturizing and performing facial care/ clean-up process using the products and equipment as per service standards laid down by the salon.
– Provide facial massage using different medium and techniques suitable for the client’s skin type and skin condition.
– Complete the therapy to the satisfaction of the client in a commercially acceptable time.
– Check the client’s comfort and well-being throughout the service and adapt procedures to ensure the same. Provide specific after-procedure, homecare advice to the client.

Perform Depilation Services: Consult, prepare, plan and perform the treatment of various waxing techniques to remove hair in the areas of face, legs, underarm, and bikini line and provide after care advice.  Carry out facial beauty services using different electrotherapy techniques.

Provide manicure and pedicure services: Carry out manicure and pedicure services to improve the appearance of nails. Operate and apply electrical/electronic equipment for facial beauty services safely and effectively.

Maintain health and safety at the workplace: Maintain safe and hygienic environment at the work area to reduce potential risks to self and others.

Create a positive impression at the workplace: Behave as per the salon’s standards and create a positive impression at the workplace. Exhibiting good communication skills.


Introduction to the Hair Sector and Presenting a Professional Image in a Salon Follow health and safety in the salon. Identify the contra-indications of products. Follow manufacturer’s instructions related to equipment and product use.

• Hair science-Explain the structure of hair Describe the growth cycle of hair with visual details .

• Hair care-Shampoo and Conditioning Hair spa, Styling Women’s Hair ,Styling Men’s, Color hair using temporary color ,hair texturing temporary and permanent both. Operate and apply electrical/electronic equipment for facial beauty services safely and effectively.

Professional-Media Makeup

Analyze the skin condition.
– Demonstrate make-up for different occasions-day, evening and special occasions.
– Use consultation techniques to identify treatment objectives.
– Identify requirements for make-up treatments.
– Select products, tools and equipment to suit client treatment needs, skin types and conditions.
– Explain effects and benefits of different products and techniques used in bridal make-up.
– Prepare client, self and work area for make-up application efficiently.
– Advance technique in media makeup. HD, Ultra HD & Airbrush makeup technique.
– Creative hairdressing design skills. Style and dress hair using a variety of techniques.
– Salon management


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